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EBSCOed Supports Alabama Distance Learning Amid COVID-19 Pandemic.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in an effort to bolster the remote learning capabilities of Alabama’s educators, Publishers’ Warehouse and EBSCO Information Services, launched EBSCOed—an online platform which aggregates both online and published resources purchased by the state, providing teachers with a central portal of available resources designated by grade bands.  

As a world leader in information technology, EBSCO was well positioned to be able to quickly support the Alabama State Department of Education task force in their effort to find solutions for today’s challenging and unprecedented learning environment.  

“The current circumstances created by COVID-19 have amplified a need our educators have recognized within our state for many years,” said Lisa Silver, President of Publishers’ Warehouse. “We were glad to be in a position to quickly step in and assist the Department of Education in providing our educators with access to the resources required to continue educating Alabama’s children during these difficult times.” 

“EBSCOed is only the first step in what we plan to provide school districts across our state and others. We look forward to a day when these platforms can be customized not only for school districts and schools, but for specific classes and individual students. Providing our teachers and students with the customized technology and resources they need beyond the classroom will ensure we provide the level of education required in our constantly changing world.”